Driving Your Consumer with Brand Activation

Driving Your Consumer with Brand Activation

Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 06:22

The brand activation is become more popular in recently years as this become the most effective method for build up the potential consumer’s awareness to brand. Consumer’s brand activation is important for figure the brand competition in the market.
Driving Your Consumer with Brand Activation
Key Principle of Brand Activation
  • The brand activation should tap passion from the consumer for increase the demand from the particular brand promoted that using strategies and ideas that use attractive creativity.
  • Choose the perfect time is the important role for connect with the potential target consumer in right moment and place to go. Therefore, this will lead consumer for become the brand fan and user.
  • Use right brand activation strategies that can lead consumer for start knowing the brand, the purpose from the brand, and become closer to purchase.

Examples of brand activation case study

If you are still confuses on what and how brand activation role, this case study can help you to understand more about the brand activation.
  • Experiential marketing. The live experiential marketing event analytics is one strategy that use by global brand for help their brand positioned to consumer’s brand by attract the consumer’s brand and make them engaged emotionally use their personal experience with the brand. The purpose from this is to reach people into the multiple levels include emotional, rational and psychology. Therefore, this can lead consumer for remember the product by taste, touch, and feel that the product is better than other.
  • Promotional marketing. This is strategies for increase the awareness to brands and product to increase more sales and take loyal consumer level.
  • In-store marketing.  The method will help you to become closer with your consumer in department store. This will help consumer for enhance the image from the brand and the benefit feature.
Do not underestimate the influence from brand activation as this will help your product for shaping the market in the future.